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Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Altamira is proud to offer the option of a preventative maintenance contract for all of our instruments.  With a preventative maintenance contract, the client receive:

  • On-site service by an Altamira trained engineer
  • Spare Parts allowance applied to valves, glassware, filaments, etc….
  • Additional discounts from our standard prices on spare parts exceeding the allowance
  • The peace-of-mind by knowing your instrument is running properly and is producing accurate results. 

Contact Altamira with any additional questions or for a quote on a PMC! 


Altamira now offers financing on our AMI products.  Some details are:

  • 2,3,4, or 5 year programs
  • Competitive Interest Rates

Contact Altamira today about the possibility of financing an instrument.


Altamira offers spare parts, including: valves, o-rings, glassware, filaments, and much more on all of our instruments.


Contact Altamira to require spare parts or please email directly (support@altamirainstruments.com)