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BenchCAT X000R HP Hybrid

A custom catalyst testing instrument. Performs both reaction testing and catalyst characterization.

BenchCAT 4000R HP Hybrid

A four station automated reactor system designed for reaction testing and chemisorption.  





The Hybrid combines the characterization capability of the AMI Family with the flexibility and customized features of the BenchCAT ™.  The Hybrid line of instruments performs the following tasks:

  • Conduct temperature-programmed or isothermal experiments with catalysts loaded in a straight tube reactor at ambient or pressure conditions.  External analysis will be performed with a mass spectrometer or another detection device.    
  • Perform characterization experiments (TPR, TPO, TPD, Pulse Chemisorption) experiments using catalysts at ambient pressures. 

The Hybrid can be supplied with multiple workstations and is fully automated.  Each work station is independent from another so one station can be running a reaction study while the next is performing a characterization experiment. 

Reaction Testing

  • System Operating Pressure from ambient to 100 bar
  • MFC Inlet Pressure is 102 bar           
  • Maximum Furnace Operating Temperature is 650ºC*
  • Number of MFCs (Reaction Side) is 3
  • Materials of Construction is 316SS
  • Catalyst Charge up to 1 gram (higher with custom reactors)
  • Overall System Footprint is 39’’ x 24’’ x 22’’ (H x L x W, approximate)    


Note: Higher temperatures are achievable with a different reactor material such as Inconel, etc… 

Catalyst Characterization

  • System Operating Pressure is near Ambient
  • Gas Inlet Pressure Range is 50 psig
  • Maximum Furnace Operating Temperature is 1200ºC
  • Maximum TCD Operating Temperature is 200ºC
  • Catalyst Charge 0.1 – 1 g