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Multi-Channel HTS Reactor

Studies of Ethylbenzene Dehydrogenation

This unit consists of a single feed module split to eight parallel reactors. The feed module can deliver three gases and two liquids. Each of the liquids is pumped by a magnetic-drive mini-pump to a liquid mass flow controller. The liquids are mixed and then routed to a vaporizer-mixer capable of heating to 600oC. The gases are introduced after the vaporizer-mixer. The feed is then evenly split to the eight reactor tubes using a set of matched capillaries. A single closure is required to seal all eight reactors. The reactor effluents are routed through heated lines to a condenser and a multiposition selector valve. Analysis of the products is accomplished by gas chromatography. The unit was designed to hold up to 10 mL of catalyst in each reactor and operate at 650°C and 800 psig.