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Master 400: Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer


Master 400 is a new desktop gas analysis system launched by Altamira lnstruments (AMl lnstruments) in 2022.Qualitative or quantitative analysis of gas components on-line or off-line related to gas can be realized. it features an intuitive desicn precise measurements, fast results and is suitable for today's requirements in many application fields. lt can be used in various characterization and analvsis instruments such as chemical adsorption instrument. micro-reactor deyice. competitiveadsorption instrument, thermogravimetric analyzer etc.


Sampling system: stainless steel or quartz glass capillary and the corresponding filter membrane, adopts two-stage pressure reduction, with a heating jacket outside the capillary, and the heating temperature ranges from room temperature to 200 °C Vacuum system: turbomolecular pump and oil-free diaphragmdry pump, equipped with a full-range vacuum gauge to control and monitor the pressure of the mass spectrometer to ensure the normal operation of the mass spectrometer. The material of themass spectrometer is stainless steel, equipped with a heating jacket, and the maximum bakeable temperature It can reach 200°C and can be baked and degassed regularly. The heating jacket of the mass spectrometry chamber and the heating jacket of the sample tube are controlled by two independent tempera-ture controllers.
Quadrupole system: composed of electron bombardment ionsource, quadrupole mass separator and detector Data processing system: multi-channel gas detection software, which can realize qualitative and quantitative analysis, and is suitable for Windows7/10 system


Programmed temperature
Desorption catalytic reaction
Automobile exhaust analysis
Battery seal
Reaction process monitoring

Battery production
Hydrogen Purity Analysis
Chemical industry
On-line detection of fuel cell exhaust gas
CVD(chemical vapor deposition)



1、Mass number range: 1-100amu; 1-200amu;1-300amu;
2、 lon source: open ion source, including 2 filaments;
3 、filament material: iridium
4、 Maximum measurement channels: 128:
5、 Detection limit: better than 1ppm6 Response time: less than 200ms

7、 Scan time: 1ms-16s/amu
8、 Communication method: TCP/IP Ethernet;
9、 Injection pressure: can meet atmospheric pressure injection;
10、 The maximum heating temperature of the sampling tube: 200°C;
11、 Maximum cavity baking temperature: 200°C;
12、 High vacuum pump: turbomolecular pump, pumping speed 67L/S