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AMI-400TPX Catalyst Characterization Instrument


The Altamira AMI-400TPx is the latest generation of fully automatic chemical adsorption analyzer. This instrument is a fully automatic catalyst characterization devicedesigned based on the concept of unattended operation, specifically for the needs andapplications of catalyst researchers. lt features highly reliable test control components,comprehensive data processing software, and can provide the necessary kinetic param-eters for characterizing catalysts. The overall design of the AMl-400TPx is more com-pact, smaller in size, more economical, and at the same time provides rapid catalystcharacterization capabilities. This instrument is designed for customers with limitedbudgets and relatively conventional application requirements.


Project Technical indicators
Sample loading capacity 0.1-1g
Workstation 1 Analysis Station
Temperature control range Room temperature-1200℃
Subambient temperature -130℃-1200°C
Heating rate 1℃/min-50℃/min
Gas input 6-channel analysis gas, 4-channel pulse gas (optional)
Standard operating pressure Barometric pressure
Gas flow rate 2-100ml/min
Sample tube type Quartz U-shaped tube, bubble-shaped tube
TCD detector Rhenium-tungsten wire material
Tubing material 316Stainless Steel,1/16 inch
Sealing ring Viton, Buna-N, Kalrez, etc
Dimensions Width 43cm; Height 64cm; Depth62cm


✔ Temperature-programmed desorption (TPD)<br />
✔ Temperature-programmed reduction/oxidation (TPR/O)<br />
✔ Temperature-programmed surface reaction (TPSR)<br />
✔ &nbsp;Pulsed chemisorption<br />
✔ Pulsed titration<br />
✔ Dynamic BET specific surface area</p>


✔ Low-temperature module
✔ Mass spectrometer
✔ Gas chromatograph


During the experiment, it is not necessary to have an operator on duty at all times. It can be installed on a computer with a Windows system, can be connected to the Internet, and in addition to controlling the instrument, the computer can also manage other laboratory tasks. 

Experimental program setup interface Flexible selection or editing of TPD, TPO, TPR, TPRS, pulse calibration, etc., can set up to 99 programs to achieve full automation of adsorption, desorption, and chemical reactions. The complete experiment setup can be completed within a few minutes.