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MIX100 Breakthrough Curve and Mass Transfer Analyzer


Breakthrough curve and mass transfer analyzer (MIX 100 series) can accurately determine the performance of adsorbents under various process conditions, including dynamic gas flow adsorption and desorption, determination and evaluation of breakthrough curve, adsorption kinetics research, adsorption selectivity Determination, heat balance research of flow adsorption process, etc.And the unique zero length column method (ZLC) is the most efficient, accurate and stable method for measuring the diffusion coefficient of microporous materials at present.

The fully automatic steam liquid supplement module can bring more accurate liquid level control and longer experimental time for the long-term steam adsorption experiment. 

The high-quality SS316 stainless steel adsorption column can provide 1ml-100ml adsorption columns with different volumes, which brings a wider range of choices for experiments. 

The unique sandwich design of the adsorption column can achieve continuous automatic temperature control from -130 ℃ to 1000 ℃, to meet more diverse experimental needs of users.


Adsorption column

When conducting low concentration separation research and vapor adsorption of high-performance materials, small adsorption columns are used for short time measurement, and adsorption columns of other sizes can be provided as required.

Automatic gas mixing

The automatic mixing of experimental gases can be carried out according to the needs, without the need for multiple identical gases with different concentrations, which improves the flexibility of measurement conditions.

Safety protection sensor 

When the CxHy gas in the manifold inside the instrument reaches 1% (caused by leakage), and the toxic gas and combustible gas in the manifold inside the instrument reach the set concentration, the instrument will automatically shut down and give a warning on the control interface.

Determination of diffusion coefficient by chromatography

Chromatographic method can be used to determine the diffusion coefficient of a wider range of materials. -By analyzing the data of disturbance, pulse and response in the adsorption process, the diffusion performance of adsorbate molecules in the adsorption column was obtained, and the diffusion coefficient was measured.

Determination of diffusion coefficient by zero length column method(ZLC, zero length column)

The diffusion coefficient of probe molecules in porous materials at a certain temperature was obtained by measuring the outflow curve of probe molecules on microporous materials and solving a certain model equation.The zero length column method eliminates the influence of axial diffusion and adsorption heat effect. It is an efficient, accurate and stable method for measuring the diffusion coefficient of microporous materials.

Pretreatment station

Built in sample in-situ processing station, up to 1000 ℃, linear heating rate up to 10 K/min, sensitive materials can be slowly and controllable heated.

Mass flow controller (MFC)

The number and range of MFCs can be selected according to the needs of customers.Up to 4 high-precision MFCs can be selected for optimal experimental selection.

Built in thermal conductivity detector (TCD)

Built in high-precision TCD detector, the instrument has excellent detection sensitivity, can use less sample quality, and accurately detect reaction products.

Reserved mass spectrum interface

Trace analysis of three or more component gases can be carried out by mass spectrometry.With the mass spectrometer option, the mass spectrometer can perform integrated control, including turning off the filament, starting data collection and real-time data analysis, through the Mix Manager software.

Steam generator

Up to two steam generators are optional.The steam generator can be equipped with an automatic liquid supplement device to enhance the stability of steam concentration output, extend the test time, and provide more experimental conditions.


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